What’s Happening?!

What's happening

Anyone else remember this show? Loved the whip-smart sister and scary waitress, Shirley! No reason for the picture, just loved the show and wanted to steal the title. As summer draws to a close (those evil “School is Back in Session” signs plastered all over the neighborhood) it’s time to take stock of projects, goals and dreams.

Lake Michigan - Ft. Sheridan

  1. Excited to be featured on Women Writers, Women’s Books site with my essay “Writing is Just a Day at the Beach.
  2. The second draft of my novel is complete. (Insert celebration emoji here).
  3. A ton of work awaits me in the third draft. (Insert crying emoji here).
  4. Participated in second author event, this time at Open Books.
  5. Attended second writing retreat, this time at Ragdale.
  6. MARRIED OFF MY FIRST-BORN. (Not enough emojis in the world).
  7. On day 26 of healthy eating life-style. (Insert pizza emoji – just kidding, I drank kale, people. I drank kale.)
  8. Interviewed authors, reviewed books, participated in a Revision Support Group, submitted a few essays, submitted a few flash fiction pieces, entered a flash fiction contest . . . there may be more but it’s early and my memory is sketchy.

Liquid Kale


  1. Tentative Writers’ Getaway Weekend planned for 9/12/2015 – No Talking Allowed!
  2. The second round of NYCMidnight’s Flash Fiction contest is coming up on 9/18/2015
  3. I’ll be attending the Chicago Writers Conference on 9/25/2015
  4. Sometime in October, I’ll be featured on Colleen Story’s Writing and Wellness. Excellent advice and resources for writers. Don’t wait, check out the site now.
  5. I will continue attending classes at Story Studio Chicago.
  6. Finalize third draft and evaluate status of the novel.

Ragdale Tea and Writing

So far, I’m on track for my 2015 goals. Nothing happens fast enough, easy enough, enough enough. But anything worth having is worth fighting for – fight on! Write on!

Have you taken stock of your summer so far? Goals? Accomplishments? I’d love to hear your success stories. Make the most of what’s left!




3 Thoughts on “What’s Happening?!

  1. Wow, Suzanne, you’ve been busy! Most impressive– and inspiring!

  2. Atta girl!

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