Wedding vs. Writing – No Contest


Photo Credit: Deanna Branscome, PhD – entomologist and mentor extraordinaire and quite the “shutterbug” (see what I did there? entomologist…shutterbug…discuss)

My oldest child and only daughter is getting married in 11 days. Emotionally I’m a wreck but that’s another post for another time. She and her future husband are expecting 170+ guests. I’m hot gluing ribbons and fusing my fingers together but somehow still finding time to write. Correction: I’m making time to write.

A writing mentor of mine recommended The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and I am loving it. He talks about “going pro” and overcoming resistance. It’s not just for writers but he singles us out because he’s one of the tribe. Every time I’ve tripped over spools of ivory tulle or shoveled seating charts off my desk, I’ve felt a sense of pride that I’m committed to making progress on my second draft.

war of art

To paraphrase author and poet, Marly Youmans, kids aren’t easy and they don’t need a writer in the house. I doubt my excited bride-to-be is concerned with my page or word count this week. She needs to know her mom is on-call with safety pins and handi-wipes.

Out-of-town guests begin arriving in a few days and we have flowers to plant, carpets to vacuum and final counts to get to the caterer. Then, it’s on to manicures, hair, make-up, etc. I may decide to take the week of the wedding off from my novel. Most professionals have at least one week a year when they don’t focus on their primary jobs.

Though my day job pays the bills, I made a decision that “this writing thing” was going to be my priority. Except for next week I think. My brown-eyed girl, now 25, gorgeous and a very cool chick is getting married. I want to witness every bobby pin as it’s inserted and every petal tossed in the air as she begins her new life.

Then maybe I’ll write about that too. See you back here after June 5th!


8 Thoughts on “Wedding vs. Writing – No Contest

  1. Betsy Gibson on May 25, 2015 at 10:19 pm said:

    How exciting!! She is gorgeous, and you two look so much alike. I think that you can certainly give yourself permission to take this once in a lifetime week off. As you or one of our other wise mentors would say to me (I know that you would), “Live in the moment. Enjoy every single second of it!” You will have memories to savor and write about, AND you will come back refreshed and ready to write, write, write!!! Please give my best wishes to your daughter, and please let her know that her mother’s Haven friends will be anxiously awaiting posts about the wedding!!

    • Thank you! I will try to take that advice to pay attention in the moment. Love the Haven group and appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Can’t wait to read some of your stuff.

  2. I both dread, and await that special day, Suzanne! And I have two daughters!! :/

    I hope your writing gives you the superhuman energy you need to survive the week ahead, and I hope that your fingers survive the glue gun. Wishing you and your family every happiness!

    Good things! 😀

    Angela Z xxx

    • You will have double the joy! She’s really the easiest bride…she can’t really believe people care about things like fonts on the invitations and color of tablecloths. She just wants to dance! As always, thanks for reading. I love my writer friends!

  3. Doesn’t she look like you! Both gorgeous. Good luck with weddings AND writing!

    • Thank you, Kate! She hears that a lot and I’m not always sure she’s thrilled about the comparison but I sure am. Thanks so much for the positive thoughts. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

  4. Wishing you and your family the most beautiful and heartwarming time. Your writing will be even better for the break too Suzanne. ♥

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