Summer Colds, War Heroes, and Writing

Sick on the sofa with a moist summer cold (isn’t moist just the grossest word?) and thought I’d recap a crazy week or two.

Participated in my first Author Talk at a Book Store last Wednesday. Met a Special Ops war veteran who also just happens to be a debut novelist and Northwestern MFA grad…and a better-looking version of Brad Pitt. Nothing like that to make you feel inadequate. He also happened to be warm, genuine, funny and humble . . .

There were two other fabulous authors presenting and it was a treat. I was terrified at first and wanted to uninvite my family so they wouldn’t have to watch me fail. Finally took Liz Gilbert’s advice (fear is boring) and made myself breathe and enjoy. Family was supportive and wonderful as always and we had the most thrilling late-night dining adventure – that may be an essay or Live Lit piece in the future.

Emailed two award-winning authors and went out on a limb to see if they would do an interview. Both said yes! So far, I have received zero flat-out “NO’s” and only one “contact my publicist.” All the others have been game and super generous. Ask and ye shall receive!

Still basking in the joy of my 100-page review with my Novel in a Year teacher. She thinks it’s a real book! And it has tension! And darkness! And I’m good at dialogue!  I could just crap my pants I’m so happy. Of course the critique was about two paragraphs of what was fabulous and three pages of what needs to be fixed but it’s only the second draft. And she called it a book!

Going to Ragdale next week and can’t wait!

On the family front: Daughter’s wedding pictures are in and they’re breathtaking. Son set a new goal, decided to kick fear to the curb…said it was partially due to hearing me drone on about that. If we drone on long enough, they just might find something useful in what we say!

Remaining summer goals: Camp, Stick Toes in Ocean, Finish 2nd Draft

Other than the moist cold — have you ever had water squirt out your eye when you blow your nose? Is that a thing?

2 Thoughts on “Summer Colds, War Heroes, and Writing

  1. This posting makes me wonder: what does it take to consider oneself a writer? If it’s getting your book reviewed by another writer, participating in Author Talks, interviewing other writers, and then actually writing about your own life experiences in an intelligent, witty, and engaging way, I’d say this is the life of a real writer!! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks for reading, Brenda. I think it’s one of those boring “fear” things. I remember hearing a story whereby some fancypants best selling writers were all on a panel. They’d achieved the NY Times bestselling status, they’d been multi-published and were all moaning on about how they’d had success, sure…BUT, they hadn’t won the Pulitzer. The feeling comes from doing…all the other stuff is other people and how they see you. I will struggle continuously but the fact that YOU read is enough for me!