Laura Munson: I Gave Myself the Gift of a Haven Retreat, Now What?

Haven Retreat Muse

Last September, I flew to Montana where I spent several days with total strangers at Walking Lightly Ranch in the gorgeous mountain valley of Whitefish. I left with friends and inspiration.  Laura Munson, Haven Host and New York Times Bestselling Author of This is Not The Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness, shared my essay and those of other retreaters on her personal blog.  If you’ve thought of attending a retreat, hers is one of the best in the country! Find out why here. This isn’t so much an advertisement as it is an invitation to say “why not?” If you’ve dreamed of treating yourself or testing yourself or just spending time with yourself, don’t wait!

Haven Retreat Muse

Flowers from a fellow writer and our Muse


Haven retreat - lake view with benches

One of many gathering spots of Haven Retreat at Walking Lightly Ranch


Haven Retreat - Checking in

Beautiful Guest Rooms at Walking Lightly Ranch – Peace and quiet at Haven Retreat


Haven Retreat - Garden

Abundant gardens of Walking Lightly Ranch Provided Most of Our Food While at Haven Retreat

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Retreat? Who me?


 Retreat: 1. An act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable 2. A place of privacy or safety 3. a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director




So who has time for any of that nonsense? Maybe a better question is who can afford NOT to retreat from time to time.

We all could use a time and place where we feel safe to examine our circumstances, plan for the future or learn a new skill.

With that next windfall, instead of upgrading your smartphone or flatscreen, consider funding an experience that could enhance your life.



I’ve just returned from a week’s retreat in Montana. It was not in our budget, it was a long flight and it was way, way outside my comfort zone.

It was also educational, energizing, relaxing, grounding, motivating, creative and a heck of a good time. I’d say that was money well spent.





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