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Brain communication

Brain communication

I started blogging last year about writing. Finally pursuing my passion, I sought to be of service to new writers without a clue how to start on their own journey.

Truth is, there are literally thousands of writing blogs out there that do a great job of providing how-to articles. I wanted to share my specific journey step-by-step as an example for someone else.

too many wordstoo many wordstoo_many_words

How useful is that? Does anyone need to know about each restaurant review I get published in the local paper?  My guess is no.

I’ve read more well-established blogs where the author informs readers that he/she will be making a change. Taking a different road. Posting other things. And that’s what this post is about.

Changing Directions

Writing isn’t all I do. It’s how I do all I do. There’s a difference. It’s how I process my world and always has been.

Future posts may include more about that world and my crazy brain. For example, I love dinosaurs and tornadoes. I haven’t written about them yet, but I might. You’ve been warned.

dinosaursTORNADO 5-3-99


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The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Author Interview with

Brittany Boyce

2K International Writer's Blog Tour

Happy Thursday! Author Brittany Boyce has furbabies!  Read on:

Brittany Boyce

I live in Northern Virginia, just outside D.C., with my husband of almost four years and two beautiful furbabies. I have been writing ever since I was a child, strongly throughout the middle and high school years. In fact I have an entire box of random story ideas from that Brittany Boycetime period, which I assure you are all hilarious in their lovely teenage angst. I’m currently in the editing process of what will be my debut novel, which I hope to self-publish this year.

What is the first piece you remember writing (from childhood or young adulthood)?

I don’t remember the first piece I wrote – but I do remember the first short story I had published. It was in my senior year literary journal, which in my Creative Writing class I also had the privilege of helping to edit and put together. I gobbled up more copies of the journal than I needed, just to show my family and friends that my story had been published. It was a short little love story, something I don’t write as much anymore, but it certainly fed the bug of wanting to one day publish a full novel.

What is your favorite aspect of being a writer? Your least favorite?

I absolutely love coming up with characters and new worlds. Fantasy fiction is just so unlimited that it’s almost freeing to take these characters out of my head and plant them in a world I created out of thin air and dreams.

My least favorite – editing. Enough said.

Do you believe in writer’s block? If so, what is your best tip for beating it? If not, why not?

I do believe in writer’s block, how can I not? I suffered it for years. Stress, depression and the general craziness that is life won out over any creative energy, blocking my ability to write anything, even something as miniscule as a short poem. My best tip for beating it is to write anything. Keep a journal, start a blog, write something, anything, keep the habit up because eventually the muse will return and when she does it’s usually with a vengeance.

What is your current writing project? What is the most challenging aspect of your current writing project?

As previously stated I am working on finishing my first novel and self-publishing it this year. It’s a new adult fantasy fiction story that came to me in a dream, literally. I worked for nine years on the first 20,000 words (thanks writer’s block) and then thanks to encouragement from my husband I took a writing class as well as participated in my firstNaNoWriMo. So now I have all the scenes and have reached what I lovingly refer to as my Achilles heel…editing.

What supports you in your writing?

My husband, my family and my friends are really the best supporters of my writing. They’re the behind the scenes people that keep me sitting down at my computer and working hard. Also my blog has become a fantastic support – the readers, many of whom are also authors, all working towards the same dream. It’s really encouraging, especially on those days when I’m pretty sure my dream is never going to come true, having my readers encourage me and lift me back up.

What are you currently reading?

Currently I am reading the second book in the Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor called Days of Blood and Starlight. It’s absolute fantastic! Her characters are so vivid that they leap off the page, fiery wings and blue haired. I highly recommend them – and I haven’t even finished it yet. It’s a dark series, but filled with sarcasm and laughter, a tragic love, and a new world so amazing I wish it were real, despite that it’s completely filled with war at the moment.

Where can our readers find you and your books online?

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Favorite Writing Resources, Books and Websites in 2014


If your New Year Resolution was to get serious about your writing, then you’ve come to the right place! Last year I dug myself out of a frustrated pit of wanna-be-writing into the Land of Writers That Write. But I didn’t do it without help. Below is a list of the tools I found most inspiring, informative or at least entertaining. After all, writing can be a lonely endeavor and we all need to laugh more.

Disclaimer: These are the tools that helped me. I make no claims to their magical powers for muggles. I’ve received no compensation for mentioning them, nor do they necessarily want to lay claim to my transformation.

Books (new to me)

I’m endlessly fascinated by the lives of working writers. Invariably, I find out that they’re human beings that sit down and type or scribble on paper. That’s the one thing they all have in common. Yet, we all have different tastes and some offer savory quotes on creativity while others offer sturdy bites of craft. Some aren’t about writing specifically but shed light on the human condition–and my desire to suck more out of life–in a way that resonated with me.


book stack

Books (revisited)

These are comfort books. Reminders to be brave and work hard for what we want.

Websites, Blogs and Podcasts

There you are, alone in your kitchen wondering how they do it? How do you find the secret door to the writers’ world? Google of course! The sites listed below are the ones I returned to time and again for the how-to stuff and the why-should-we stuff. They are the ones I visit during my lunch hour at the day job when the inner critic tells me I’m not a “real” writer.

  • Funds for Writers by C. Hope Clark – Excellent insights on craft and professionalism along with listings for paying markets, contests and submission calls.
  • Writers On Writing with Barbara DeMarco-Barrett – A weekly podcast with one or two interviews with authors on the craft and business of writing. Archives include past interviews for replay or download.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors by K.M. Weiland – Podcast with several years of archived episodes on specific elements of craft. Short and to the point.
  • Women Writers, Women’s Books – A mixture of craft, inspiration and business advice. This group also has a thriving social media presence and welcomes newcomers.
  • Writing Prompts That Don’t Suck – Really, they don’t. Wrote one of my favorite things based on a prompt featuring appetizers, Jesus and a unicorn.
  • Your Writer Platform – No, you don’t need a platform if you’re just starting out. But building a website and connecting online has provided writing opportunities that wouldn’t have been available to me otherwise. It’s also a nice place to call home.
  • The Write Life
  • Ellen Brock on YouTube – short videos on craft
  • Writers on Writing by on YouTube

Doing of the thing quote


Social Media

Facebook – Established a professional page and connected with various writers groups. Two of my favorites require approval to join:

Women Writers, Women’s Books – Page of the website mentioned above.

Calls for Submissions – New posts everyday on established and emerging publications accepting work from all genres.

Twitter – My favorite for writers. Some hashtags to follow are #Amwriting, #Amreading, #FridayReads.

Google+ – I’m on it but it isn’t my favorite.

LinkedIn – Changed my profession to “Writer” and made it official!

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The Bottom Line

Reading about and tweeting other writers will not make you a writer. But these resources answered questions, taught me things and gave me outlets for my work. My hope is that sharing them with you might help you connect with a community of creative people that support your determination to write.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think about these or other resources you’ve come across. And treat yourself to a subscription of either Writer’s Digest or Poets & Writers magazines, or both!


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