Lori Rader-Day, Author of The Black Hour, Shares Advice for Writers

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Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking my third class this year from Story Studio Chicago.  Our “drill seargent” for Mystery  Bootcamp was none other than debut author, Lori Rader-Day.  Lori’s first published novel The Black Hour, was released in July and has earned starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal just to name a few.

I bought a copy of Lori’s book (the cover is intriguing – just look at the way that beam of light shines through the trees and onto the “o” in “hour”) and later contacted her for an interview.

You can catch both my review and Lori’s great advice to new writers at www.Blogcritics.org.

“If anyone ever says anything about “the muse,” just back away slowly. Write when you can and when you can’t. Write. Don’t wait for some fairy to land on your shoulder. The only way to get any musing done is to do it yourself.”  ~ Lori Rader-Day

For more information on Lori, visit her website www.loriraderday.com.



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