If You’re Looking for an Excuse Not to Write…You’ll Find One

IMAG3748It’s the holidays and things are spiraling out of control! The living room is decorated, the rest of the house is not. I have about half my shopping done and nothing wrapped.

But, I’m still writing! I have several posts in the works including the editor’s recommendations on my novel, great writing advice from author and writing coach Mary Carter, updates on projects in the works and other musings. I’m also trying to figure out how to run a giveaway.

Guess what? If you haven’t checked out my audio interview with Chicago-based writer, Dana Norris, you’re missing some great stuff. She was just nominated for a prestigious Pushcart Prize! She’s the real deal. (If you’re new to writing and don’t know a Pushcart from a shopping cart, have no fear…it’s all about the journey. Click on the link and then act impressed whenever you read about a nominee. It’s a big deal!)

                        Pushcart                             shopping cart

If you really want to write, you have to squeeze in the time. Easier said than done but I’m walking the walk. Worked a full day, grocery shopped on the way home, cooked dinner, ate dinner, updated my husband’s resume while watching a little TV, edited a blog post, got in bed by 9:30, then woke up at 4:30 this morning to turn in a guest post and update my website. If you’re looking for an excuse not to write, you’ll find one.

I’m gathering a list of all the websites, classes, books and people that have inspired my writing journey. Check the “Writer’s Resources” section for updates. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you, too!

Now off to the day job.

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