Have Courage and Be Kind


I’m busy trying to “think big” and organize a book signing for my first book. It takes some guts to call coffee shops and bars and tell them you’re a “writer” and you have a “book” and you’d like to take up their valuable space to sign some books and donate some money to charity. My inner critic is a bully and I’m ignoring her while telling myself “someone will come.” More on that later…

A writer friend from cyberspace suggested I do a soup-to-nuts breakdown of how I got my story published in Chicken Soup. I was going to post that today but got busy finalizing another interview with a New York Times best-selling author! Stay tuned for that too!

Lastly, I spent a lovely Sunday with a family birthday breakfast for my daughter, dinner with friends and managed to see Cinderella at the movies. Highly recommend the latest live action version. And in the words of Cinderella and her mother,

“Have courage and be kind.”

2 Thoughts on “Have Courage and Be Kind

  1. Well done Suzanne for staying strong against that internal critic, what a bully it is. I empathise heartily. Good luck with everything and celebrate all that you have achieved.

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