Friday Favorites – A Few of My Favorite Blogs This Week

Here are a few of my favorite blogs of late…some good reading here folks!

First off, I have to mention The Palace at 2am – the website/blog of the uber talented Marly Youmans. Beautiful pictures, words, and a smattering of community. Plus, she wrote about ME on her blog. GET OUT!!!!!

Elaine pushing Seinfeld

I also adore – tough talking, straight shooting from Chuck Wendig and a whole bunch of other goodies masquerading as sweary rants of the best kind. I’d stumbled upon him last year but think my fragile newborn writer skin was too tender. Recently, a writer in the Women Writers, Women’s Books Facebook page posted a link. Better than ever. Terrible medicine that cures what ails you..whether it be writing or another pursuit.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention Kate Evans’ blog Writing Ourselves Well. She has thoughtful content and reaches out to other beginning writers.

Read a few, maybe leave a comment if  you see something you like. Feel free to mention you read about them here. It’s more personal that way and comments are “blogger currency” or so I’ve been told.

Until next week!

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