Blue Moon Update

Blue Moon (Montana)

Today is Blue Moon Friday. It’s been a busy, if weird, month. It seems fitting just to take stock and see where I’m at.

My husband turned 50 which is making me not look forward to my half-century celebration in just a few short weeks.

Spending three days at Ragdale was like time traveling. And psychotherapy. Writing about “real” stuff always makes you dig deep.

Submitting 20 pages to my Novel in a Year class has me on edge. I’m up for critique next week and I’m quaking with insecurity.

I’ve worked on a couple of Flash Fiction pieces and entered one in an online, quarterly contest that provides feedback. The feedback was 2/3 great and 1/3 I’m the world’s worst writer.

Did not make my goal of finishing the 2nd draft of my WIP by the end of the month. Too many major plot questions, too little skill. But I’m soldiering on.

I did submit a few pieces, finished a couple of interviews, read some great books. Just don’t know where the time goes.

Summer is fleeting and hot! I’ve been eating like a college kid on summer break and not working out at all. Just grocery shopped – all fish and produce starting tomorrow.

A second full moon may be weird, but not all that rare. According to Google, it happens once every three years or so. I hope next month is more productive and less weird, and maybe less blue.



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