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I started blogging last year about writing. Finally pursuing my passion, I sought to be of service to new writers without a clue how to start on their own journey.

Truth is, there are literally thousands of writing blogs out there that do a great job of providing how-to articles. I wanted to share my specific journey step-by-step as an example for someone else.

too many wordstoo many wordstoo_many_words

How useful is that? Does anyone need to know about each restaurant review I get published in the local paper?  My guess is no.

I’ve read more well-established blogs where the author informs readers that he/she will be making a change. Taking a different road. Posting other things. And that’s what this post is about.

Changing Directions

Writing isn’t all I do. It’s how I do all I do. There’s a difference. It’s how I process my world and always has been.

Future posts may include more about that world and my crazy brain. For example, I love dinosaurs and tornadoes. I haven’t written about them yet, but I might. You’ve been warned.

dinosaursTORNADO 5-3-99


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